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Bert Rudman

Stories by Bert Rudman

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Police turn public scanner off, citing ongoing investigations

    by Bert Rudman on Apr 19, 21:52

    Police scanners are going silent again, according to Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Castro. Citing ongoing law enforcement investigations into burglaries and property crimes, Castro told KTVA News Tuesday evening that public access to APD radio traffic will be shuttered until further notice. Criminal access to the comings and goings of police has been an […]

  • Meet The Team

    Bert Rudman

    by Bert Rudman on Aug 20, 1:30

    When I was a kid, growing up in Maine, our family had a daily ritual. Dad would be home at 6 in time for the local news. Then we’d watch the national news. Each night we’d have dinner at 7 and discuss what we’d learned. Television news was truly the campfire around which our family […]