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Alexis Fernandez

I was born and raised in Fairbanks. I'm very happy to be back in Alaska!

Stories by Alexis Fernandez

  • Local

    Anchorage students learn about the godmother of Thanksgiving

    by Alexis Fernandez on Nov 26, 19:23

    Food and family are two of the symbols most associated with Thanksgiving. On the eve of the national holiday, one group of local sixth-graders decided to dig a little deeper. Word-by-word, sixth-grade students at College Gate Elementary School relived history and learned about the past. They put together a presentation about well-known author Sarah Hale, known as […]

  • State

    Geothermal energy: What Alaska can learn from Iceland

    by Alexis Fernandez on Nov 26, 7:05

    Tucked away in the mountains of Iceland are people enjoying nature in its purest form. The country shares many similarities with Alaska, including its cold surface. But underneath Iceland, the earth is bursting with heat. It sits in the border of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Every year, the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate move 2 […]

  • State

    In Alaska, tapping into geothermal energy presents challenges

    by Alexis Fernandez on Nov 25, 7:03

    It’s no surprise that Alaskans pay twice as much for electricity compared to the rest of the country. In rural areas, it can cost three times as much. The state is looking to stabilize some of those costs with the help of renewable energy, such as geothermal energy. But, it’s proving to be a lot […]

  • State

    Geothermal energy at Pilgrim Hot Springs could help Nome’s costly power problem

    by Alexis Fernandez on Nov 24, 7:33

    Alaska’s oil boom days may be more numbered than we realize. Because of this, a popular hot springs near Nome is hoping to tap into an underground heat source to help solve its rising electricity costs. The site is located on the outskirts of Nome, about 60 miles away in a valley surrounded by mountains. “It’s […]

  • State

    With days left in office, Parnell reflects on his term

    by Alexis Fernandez on Nov 19, 18:18

    Days after conceding from the gubernatorial race against Bill Walker, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell is looking back at his term and legacy and looking ahead to future plans. At his downtown Anchorage office, in one of his last interviews as governor, Parnell said again how grateful he is to have had the opportunity to serve […]

  • Local

    After 2-week ban, ASD allows military recruiters back on campuses

    by Alexis Fernandez on Nov 05, 19:07

    Military recruiters will soon be returning to school campuses in Anchorage. Two weeks ago, the Anchorage School District banned all military recruiters after an Alaska National Guard investigation alleged misconduct by recruiters toward students at Dimond High School several years ago. But now, the district feels confident its students are safe. “At this point we […]

  • Local

    ASD: military recruiters won’t return to schools anytime soon

    by Alexis Fernandez on Oct 27, 21:28

    The Anchorage School District says military recruiters won’t be returning to Anchorage schools anytime soon. Last week, ASD announced that military recruiters were banned from its campuses — after the report from an Alaska National Guard investigation alleged recruiters made inappropriate advances towards high school students several years ago. Superintendent Ed Graff says he has […]

  • Local

    40 years later, King Career Center continues to inspire students

    by Alexis Fernandez on Oct 14, 21:10

    For 40 years, King Career Center has been helping students across Anchorage find their passion after high school. Catie Quinn, 17, says she’s one of those students who doesn’t expect to have her life figured out, but she’s on the right path thanks to KCC. “I’ve never been happier to come to school,” said Quinn. […]

  • Health

    Alaska Regional Hospital prepares for possible Ebola outbreak

    by Alexis Fernandez on Oct 13, 21:36

    Health officials are calling on hospitals across the country to ramp up efforts in protecting staff against a possible Ebola outbreak. Although the risk of the Ebola virus arriving in Alaska is low, staff at Alaska Regional Hospital aren’t taking any chances. “Alaska Regional Hospital is prepared,” said Tina Miller, a registered nurse with Alaska […]

  • Local

    Ice Bucket Challenge brings hope to Alaska woman living with ALS

    by Alexis Fernandez on Oct 08, 22:33

    Sharon Poston says she once had the whole world in front of her. Now, that seems like a lifetime ago. Two years ago, she was a single mother, raising her teenage son, when things took a turn for the worse. “I knew something was wrong,” said Poston, who has to use a computer to communicate […]

  • Health

    Alaska health officials prepared to respond to Ebola threat

    by Alexis Fernandez on Oct 01, 23:01

    The threat of Ebola in the United States has officials with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services gearing up should a case appear in the state. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first case of the Ebola virus Tuesday. But Dr. Michael Cooper with the state’s Division of Public Health says the risk […]

  • Local

    South High School renews effort to get football stadium

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 30, 18:01

    Tensions are flaring in South Anchorage as a high school tries again to get a football stadium. While student-athletes at South High School are focused on their game on the field, another battle is brewing off the field. For years, South High School has tried to get a stadium. In 2012, Legislature approved a $2.1 […]

  • Local

    ASD program helps high school students transition to adulthood

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 24, 21:34

    A program in the Anchorage School District aims to help students with special needs transition from high school into adulthood. Percy David is one of those students. The 21-year-old loves to cook and has been stirring up dishes for a while. “I’ve been cooking since I was about seven,” said David. “So I know a lot […]

  • News

    39 individuals in Alaska become US citizens

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 17, 20:47

    Thirty-nine individuals became United States citizens Wednesday at a naturalization ceremony at East Anchorage High School. Arely Wright was one of those celebrating her citizenship, a journey that has taken her nearly 20 years. “Just a long process,” said Wright. “It was kind of scary, the interview, you need to study and learn.” According to […]

  • Local

    Students adjust to new computer-based GED test

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 16, 22:16

    Anissa Lopez says for the first time in a long time, she is motivated to get back on her feet, finish school and earn her GED certificate. After dropping out of high school two years ago, the 20-year-old realized it was time for a change. “It’s harder to find work, and I’m just not doing […]

  • News

    Schools in Anchorage tackle youth bullying with children’s books

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 15, 20:50

    It’s not always easy fitting in at school, especially as a sixth grader. Eleven-year-old Asya Gipson knows the feeling. “Sometimes certain groups always hang out and stuff like that, and ignore other people,” said Asya. But she says she makes the most of it. “I try my best to interact with everybody,” Asya said. “But sometimes […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Conservatives form new coalition to support Ballot Measure 2

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 11, 23:07

    The general election is less than two months away, and the issue of legalizing pot is lighting up. The debate has become heated among members of the Alaska Republican Party, with people on both sides of the aisle. Three Alaska Republicans joined the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol at a press conference Wednesday to […]

  • News

    Anchorage mother shares struggles of living with FASD

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 09, 20:30

    Having a drink or two while pregnant may not seem like a big deal to some, but it is a major deal for thousands of families impacted by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). FASD is a worldwide problem that can have devastating impacts on the human brain. Every year on Sept. 9, International FASD Awareness Day is […]

  • Local

    East High students get free bus rides

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 08, 21:29

    Nearly 2,200 hundred students at East Anchorage High School are riding into the school year a lot smoother. For 16-year-old sophomore Chong Thao, getting to school was sometimes a challenge for her family. She often had to walk several miles if she missed the bus. But now, with a pilot program being tested by the […]

  • Local

    ASD students start kindergarten and first grade

    by Alexis Fernandez on Aug 27, 20:55

    It was an exciting morning at the Bush family household in Mountain View. Six-year-old Carson woke up hours before school started. He, along with hundreds of students across Anchorage, were starting their first day of kindergarten and first grade. “The only reason I got this backpack is because I like Ninja Turtles,” said Carson while showing […]