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Alexis Fernandez

I was born and raised in Fairbanks. I'm very happy to be back in Alaska!

Stories by Alexis Fernandez

  • Local

    ASD students start kindergarten and first grade

    by Alexis Fernandez on Aug 27, 20:55

    It was an exciting morning at the Bush family household in Mountain View. Six-year-old Carson woke up hours before school started. He, along with hundreds of students across Anchorage, were starting their first day of kindergarten and first grade. “The only reason I got this backpack is because I like Ninja Turtles,” said Carson while showing […]

  • Local

    Minority students expected to become majority this fall

    by Alexis Fernandez on Aug 26, 20:06

    For the first time in the country’s history, minority students are expected to become the majority in public schools this fall, according to the the National Center for Education Statistics. It’s a shift not only happening in the Lower 48, but also right here in Anchorage. To get a sense of the transformation happening across U.S. […]

  • Local

    Begich Middle School welcomes students on first day of school

    by Alexis Fernandez on Aug 20, 20:21

    It may be hard to believe, but it’s that time of the year again — back to school. Thousands of students across Anchorage woke up bright and early to start their first day of school. The day was full of excitement and plenty of smiles for more than 1,000 students at Begich Middle School. “All […]

  • News

    ASD teachers on the front lines in the battle against child sexual abuse

    by Alexis Fernandez on Aug 19, 18:47

    Child sexual abuse is a devastating problem across the country. And as the Anchorage School Department gears up for a new school year, that problem in Alaska is being addressed as well. In 2013, the Alaska Office of Children’s Services received 2,296 allegations of sex abuse with 1,817 victims. ASD is trying to cut down […]

  • Local

    Glenn Highway expanding to three lanes near Eagle River

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 29, 17:24

    A major artery connecting Anchorage to the Mat-Su Valley is about to get wider. For Eagle River resident Carolyn Ellis, the commute into Anchorage is part of everyday life. But that doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable. “It’s just such a pain because it gets so jammed up all the time,” Ellis said. It’s especially an issue […]

  • Local

    In wake of Sandy Hook, Anchorage schools get safety improvements

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 28, 19:50

    It’s been nearly two years since a gunman walked into an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 26 people, including 20 children. It was a wake-up call for school districts across the country. In a couple of weeks, Anchorage students will be heading back to school. This year, there will be an added layer […]

  • Local

    ASD joins nationwide effort to improve achievement of minority boys

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 23, 20:15

    The Anchorage School District is joining a nationwide effort to help minority boys and young men succeed in school. It’s called My Brother’s Keeper. President Barack Obama announced the initiative earlier this year. Alaska Natives and American Indians have the highest dropout rate in the state and the nation, according to the Alaska Department of […]

  • State

    Record rain opens up more sinkholes on UAF campus

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 22, 18:10

    Record rainfall over the summer is creating unstable ground at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Over the past few weeks, grounds crews at UAF have been busy filling up sinkholes spotted across campus. Crews say they’ve seen at least six this summer, including one that almost swallowed an industrial lawnmower last week. They’re currently working […]

  • Local

    Municipality of Anchorage prepares for deficit in 2015

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 21, 19:29

    After a $13 million surplus this year, the Municipality of Anchorage is preparing for a multimillion deficit next year. Right now, it’s too early in the budgeting process to pinpoint how departments could be impacted. But Anchorage Assembly Member and Chair of the Budget/Finance Committee Elvi Gray-Jackson is preparing for possible cuts. Meanwhile, the municipality is […]

  • Local

    New Orleanian biking to Valdez to study oil spill for student project

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 16, 22:13

    The Exxon Valdez and BP oil spills. Two disasters that one New Orleanian living in Alaska hopes to find common ground on. Twenty-two year old Hillary Hafner, a senior at Alaska Pacific University, says she plans to bike 300 miles to Valdez to research the aftermath of the oil spill. “I wanted to incorporate an active […]

  • Local

    New details emerge on serial killer Israel Keyes’ suicide

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 15, 21:13

    New details were released about serial killer Israel Keyes’ suicide, including missteps leading up to his death and the firing of a former corrections officer. During a legislative hearing Tuesday, a representative with the corrections union shared the findings of an independent investigation into the matter. Brad Wilson, with Alaska Correctional Officers Association, says former […]

  • Local

    Mat-Su Borough seeks fed money to buy flood-prone homes

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 09, 20:48

    For decades, residents in the Butte area have been dealing with ongoing flooding. The Matanuska River has been unforgiving, chewing at its banks and at times, taking homes with it. Amir Lena has called Butte home for seven years. He lives along the Matanuska River, where he runs a family business. “I love it here, […]

  • State

    176 villages register to become absentee early voting sites

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 08, 18:44

    Thousands of Alaskans living in rural parts of the state will now have access to early voting. The Alaska Federation of Natives, ANCSA Regional Association and Get Out The Native Vote are helping the Division of Elections to create absentee in-person voting sites in 176 villages. Many of the villages either do not have them […]

  • Local

    Alaskan husky fights for his life after fireworks scare

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 07, 19:32

    An Alaskan husky is fighting for his life after a fireworks scare over the weekend. Killik, 7, has spent most of his life as a sled dog in the village of Bettles as part of a tourist attraction. He moved to Anchorage earlier this year and was adjusting to life in the city with a […]

  • Local

    New owners taking over iconic Rice Bowl restaurant

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jun 25, 18:54

    For more than half a century, Anchorage locals have been eating at an iconic restaurant in Downtown Anchorage. It’s a well-known place, where you can find Chinese food and some say the best steaks in town. But big changes are in store for the legendary Rice Bowl. It’s one of the longest-running Chinese restaurants in […]

  • News

    Anchorage neighborhood concerned about New Seward redesign project

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jun 18, 18:13

    More traffic jams and pedestrian safety. Two things one Anchorage neighborhood is worried about if a $70 million state project moves forward. On Monday, the public got to see a glimpse of the top three design plans selected by the Alaska Department of Transportation for the New Seward Highway and 36th Avenue improvement project. But Iris […]

  • News

    State looks to improve busy intersection on New Seward Highway

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jun 16, 22:49

    Major changes are coming to a stretch of road prone to car crashes. Congestion and slow traffic are two things you’ve probably experienced while driving through the intersection of the New Seward Highway and 36th Avenue. And you’re not alone. Every day, an estimated 65,000 drivers pass through this area — and it’s gaining a reputation. […]

  • News

    School board approves final dollars for new West High stadium

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jun 03, 16:55

    Students and athletes at West High School have something to look forward to this upcoming school year. The school’s backyard may look like just another football field, but for longtime coach Tim Davis, it’s the next chapter in high school football at West High. “This is something special,” Davis said. Last year, West High and […]

  • Local

    Fans cheer on Aces in last home game of Kelly Cup Playoffs

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jun 03, 6:52

    ANCHORAGE – Like the Alaska Aces’ current season, fans are energized and out in full-force. Monday, the Aces potentially played their last home game of the season in the Kelly Cup Playoffs. Jack Willis and his family have been attending Aces games for nearly a decade as season ticket holders. “We put a good team […]

  • Local

    Middle school fears budget cuts could impact classroom structure

    by Alexis Fernandez on May 14, 20:30

    While the Anchorage School Board figures out how many teaching positions on the chopping block it can bring back with increased funding, middle schools are preparing for potential changes of their own. It has to do with the “middle school model,” a structure that’s been in place in middle schools across Anchorage since the 1990s. […]